Areas of Practice

Contract Interpretation & Negotiation

A sound contract is among the best means for avoiding future disputes and litigation. How a contract is worded can have a significant impact on how favorable the agreement is to you or the other party. Often, it is vital to know the precise meaning of every word used in a contract, and it is vital that the contract be drafted by an attorney with experience. An experienced attorney can help you steer clear of future disputes and legal troubles with proper drafting and by explaining your contractual rights and obligations.

Our attorneys are experienced in drafting, interpreting, negotiating and reviewing all types of contracts, whether commercial or private, for both businesses and individual clients. We have experience with leases, real estate contracts, and commercial transactions, in addition to all types of labor and employment issues.

Sometimes, even a well-drafted contract can result in a dispute. If you are involved in a dispute over the meaning of a contractual term that affects the rights and duties of the parties involved, or, if one of the parties breached the contract, we can advise you in the matter utilizing our arbitration and litigation experience. Our attorneys will zealously represent your interests both inside and outside the courtroom.

Entertainment and Intellectual Property Law

Our firm handles all aspects of trademark, copyright and patent registration and protection, including, but not limited to, internet domain name and information technology protection. The following is a summary of the various aspects of our intellectual property law practice:

  • Copyright and trademark registration.
  • Copyright and trademark searches.
  • Creation and development agreements.
  • Infringement protection.
  • Intellectual property licensing.
  • Non-disclosure agreements.
  • Trade secret protection.

Our attorneys are experienced in the fields of entertainment, multimedia and technology. Our entertainment law practice offers clients practical solutions to often complex and critically important legal issues. The following is a brief summary of the various aspects of our entertainment law practice:

  • Preparing publishing agreements.
  • Arts, literary, musical, and film/video copyright protection.
  • Band name, musical group name, and logo searching and protection.
  • Drafting and preparing agent and personal manager agreements.
  • Drafting and preparing royalty agreements.

Real Estate Law

Our real estate practice covers all aspects of domestic sales, leasing, as well as, property development relating to hotels, condominiums and timeshares. The following is a summary of the various aspects of our real estate practice:RealEstate_Law

  • Private Development.
  • Real Estate Financing.
  • Leasing and Construction.
  • Foreclosures, Workouts and Real Estate Litigation.
  • Real Estate Taxes, Liens and Assessments.

Corporate & Insurance Law

We provide a broad range of corporate and business services to private businesses, US and foreign-based corporations, foundations and non-profit entities. Our attorneys represent our corporate clients in all facets of corporate governance, including the formation, incorporation and administration of domestic and international companies and partnerships and shareholders’ agreements.

Regardless of size or commercial endeavor, every business can face significant and complex insurance related disputes. Our insurance law practice has handled numerous types of insurance disputes, utilizing a variety of cost-effective measures. The following lists some of the various aspects of our insurance law practice:

  • Analysis of insurance broker issues and liabilities.
  • Litigation of bad faith actions.
  • Arbitration of policyholder disputes under ADR insurance clauses.
  • Declaratory judgment actions for policy interpretation.
  • Insurance policy interpretation and legal opinions on coverage.

Transportation (Maritime/Airline) & Administrative Law

Our attorneys are experienced in all aspects of highway, airline and maritime transportation law. The following lists some of the various aspects of our transportation law practice:

  • FAA, US Coast Guard and FHWA regulatory interpretation.
  • Proceedings before administrative agencies, state and federal courts.
  • Development and implementation of transportation policies and procedures.
  • Litigation and arbitration.

Our attorneys are experienced in the representation of both individuals and companies before various state and local agencies, and private professional associations. The following lists some of the various aspects of our administrative law practice:

  • Professional disciplinary proceedings.
  • Licensing.
  • Rule making.
  • Reimbursement and rate-making proceedings.
  • Audits.
  • Interpretation of public records statutes.

Utility Law

Seham, Seham, Meltz & Petersen attorneys have extensive experience practicing before New York State courts, the New York State Public Service Commission and decision making Town Boards regarding the regulation and deregulation of utility companies in the electric, steam, gas, water and sewer industries.

The firm advises, challenges, negotiates and litigates, as necessary, on behalf of New York State Not-for-Profit organizations regarding proposed increases in rates by utility companies in the electric, steam, gas, water and sewer industries. The firm enjoys significant success in substantially reducing proposed increases in rates sought by such utility companies in various proceedings.


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