Labor & Employment Law

Every entity can be faced with a complex labor and employment dispute. Over many years, the attorneys in our labor and employment law practice have established a credible success rate in handling union/management disputes, unfair labor practices and DOL and EEOC investigations. Our employment and labor lawyers counsel clients on all aspects of workplace law. The following is a list of some of the various aspects of our labor and employment law practices:

  • Developing personnel policies and procedures – developing and implementing employment manuals and policies.LaborEmployment_Pic3
  • Developing & implementing anti-discrimination and drug & alcohol training programs for supervisors and employees.
  • Negotiating maritime and airline labor and employment agreements.
  • EEOC investigations – developing and implementing anti-discrimination policies; representing entities in administrative proceedings.
  • OSHA representation – advise on compliance and handling investigations.
  • Wrongful termination actions.
  • Interpretation of employment contracts – including participation in grievance settlement proceedings and contract arbitration matters.
  • Negotiating separation agreements.
  • Wage & hour disputes.
  • Negotiating labor and employment agreements.
  • Grievances, mediation and arbitration.
  • Representation disputes before the National Mediation Board.
  • Drug & Alcohol Testing – developing and implementing drug and alcohol testing policies and procedures.
  • Unfair labor practices – including representation before the National Labor Relations Board and in US District Courts.