Litigation & Arbitration

Continuing one of the earliest traditions of the firm, we have assembled a team of experienced and qualified litigators.

Our firm vigorously represents each client’s claim while adhering to the client’s preferences and recommendations regarding litigation strategy, adding the collective wisdom of our long experience in litigation. We act on our core belief that, ultimately, the case is under the client’s control.

Where possible, we help our clients avoid litigation by providing advice and counsel founded upon a tradition of experience and sound judgment. When litigation cannot, or should not, be avoided, we are ready to provide aggressive courtroom representation to our clients before all federal, state and administrative forums. Our litigators work with clients to plan and prepare for litigation in advance, in order to protect the client’s long-term interests.

We take special pride in our ability to comprehensively and confidentially address our clients’ litigation needs. Our lawyers are skilled in mediation, negotiation and alternative methods of dispute resolution. We settle cases promptly and economically when fair settlements are possible and acceptable to our clients. We fight cases at trial, and through all available appeal processes, when our clients’ needs and interests of justice so demand.